Chakra Workshop

Intro to Chakras: A Map for Life’s Journey

A One-Day Mini-Retreat and Workshop
Presented by Sharon Paquette of Healing Hands Reiki & Jenn Joy of Jenn Joy Reiki

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Would you like to understand yourself on a deeper level? Does something seem to be holding you back that you just can’t quite pinpoint? Or maybe you know what is blocking you, but don’t have the tools to change? If so, this workshop is for you!

Join us for a soothing day of self-exploration. This introductory workshop invites participants to explore the ancient system of the chakras, a system that weaves the body, mind, and spirit into unity and wholeness.

The chakras (energy centers) influence the body in unique physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ways. By gaining understanding of these characteristics, the chakras provide a map for greater self-awareness, a path for self-discovery, and direction for your journey toward a healthier, happier, you.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to identify each of the seven major chakras and their influences. You will have created a personal visual reference into your own chakras to take home. Completion of this workshop will provide greater understanding of your individual path and tools for disintegrating the blocks in your life.

In addition to being Reiki Masters, Sharon & Jenn Joy are artistic, creative beings. Sharon brings her gifts as a theatre artist and professor to the table along with Jenn Joy’s visual art skills to make learning about the chakras truly experiential.

The workshop includes:

Meet your guides on this wonderful journey: Sharon Paquette and Jenn Joy

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